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Dubai’s accessible work environment, remarkable infrastructure, tax-free benefits and other Govt. incentives have allowed the private sector to boom with tremendous success. IBG’s Dubai Company Formation services allow you to set up a Limited Liability Company and avail zero taxation, low capital investment, no limitations on recruitment and no restriction on currency for your business. IBG consulting will take care of the entire setup process from square one with registration to obtaining your trade license in Dubai and visa procedures,

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What We Offer

What We Offer

Dubai LLC

One can easily get their company registered and start business operations in Dubai with the help of an LLC.

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An onshore company is a company that incorporates in a particular region or country along with its business operations in another country according to all of its tax filing requirements and other legal compliances. Unlike offshore companies that intend to do business seeking for tax and legal benefits in a country, onshore companies keep their business process utilizing the resources of the home country.

Onshore outsourcing is also called near-shore outsourcing or domestic outsourcing. It is a process that involves one or more business processes or services of an external but local company. With onshore outsourcing, companies utilize their services, products, supports, contacts and other operations. It helps the companies reduce their support staff and internal infrastructure while keeping themselves complied with the legal and operational requirements of business.

A beneficiary is the owner of an onshore company whereas ownership may formally belong to someone else. It is kept veiled and the information about the ownership is provided only to the concerned banks and the agent responsible for the registration.

Yes, beneficiary is the actual owner who receives the income of the company.